My friends and I used to play rummy a lot before, but then everyone took up very hectic jobs and some even moved to other cities. I came across Rummy Hall and really liked it, so I told them to try it out. Now we are playing regularly in the evenings, and also made some more rummy loving friends here. Good fun, keep it up, guys!
Tejaswini Reddy
I've played rummy on several sites so far but I haven't found one better than Rummy Hall. It's great fun to unwind after a long hard day at work. As a businessman running a successful Italian kitchen, I have very little time and patience. Rummy Hall demands less out of me on both fronts. Great games and fun promos here.
Shiva Varma
I'm Anurag, and I'm a Project Manager in the construction field. Good graphics, good UX Rummy Hall has, so I like playing here. I get my money's worth, and I really like their cash prizes. Very happy I won a good amount from the birthday 4L cash giveaway, still playing to win more.

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