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10 Unique Points that Set Indian Rummy Game Apart

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Gone are those days when playing outside was an integral part of the life of people. Over many years, games have transformed and their variations emerged according to the dynamic environment. Rummy is one of the traditional card games of India that is unique.

But rummy is scattered all over the world in terms of its innovative features. Gin rummy is played widely in the U.S, which almost has the same characteristics as 13 card Indian rummy games, but differences are seen systematically. Yet both of these games perceive rules of shuffling and discarding.

Online gaming nowadays is chosen over exhilarating visits to the playground. Most of the websites provide free access for playing offline and for newcomers.

Attributes that make Indian Rummy Games Different

These are the points that make real cash game different from others:

1. Distribution of points

In 13 card rules, a player is declared a winner with the lowest point and a precise sequence. But other opponents who lag, having a massive difference of points lose the game.

2. Substitution of the Missing Card

A printed card along with the deck of cards is issued to the players, popularly known as a joker. It is complimentary because it replaced any missing card in the Indian rummy apps.

3. Winning Criteria

If a player clicks the Finish button, but if his cards are not unfavourable, then all the players involved in the game should be marked as the winner. And the player who ended the game at first declares the loser. 

4. Selecting the Sequence

Indian Rummy game is available both in the free mode and cash mode. In both ways, the cash winner has to achieve the lowest score in the game. For that, valid sequences and sets need to be selected first. It determines the chances of winning.

5. Valuation of the Cards

In Indian rummy, each card is worth 10 points each, but numbered cards are determined according to face value. After that, total points of the unfavourable cards are in the hands of every player at the finishing time is added up, and players lose the game.

6. Choice of the Card

The basic rule of Indian rummy is the distribution of cards to each player from the total deck or discard pile on every turn; after seeing a card, that particular one is discarded out. But there is a prohibition of taking out the same card from the pile placed immediately on the top.

7. Unique Suit

There are four suits, namely spade, diamonds, kings and ace. Out of which, ace holds the minimum as well as the maximum value. It is allowed to form a sequence with 2 or 3 of the same suit or other.

8. Strategy

They have 10 points for every card, and other cards are determined as their face value, where all jokers have a value of zero. The original life of the hand is not considered undercounting. If it has a second life, then additional trials are not considered, and the value of the remaining cards are counted and paid to the winner.

9. Directions of play

The Indian rummy game starts in the clockwise direction with the dealer’s first play. Players are allowed to pick up the top card from rejected pile or face down the stack. When the chosen card from the discarded pile comes up as a joker, it gives an extra advantage to the pay and encourages opponents to pack.

10. Dealing the cards

When rummy is played in an online mode for cash, then cards are chosen automatically by the central server. But in the real world, a dealer needs to be chosen, which rotates subsequently in a clockwise direction.


Indian rummy games and gin rummy differentiate in every aspect, ranging from determination of scores, cards, and even winning strategy. But for a card game lover, Indian rummy comes up with an ample number of variants that provides interesting options to choose from. 

It comes up with big bonus prizes and coveted gifts, products and promotional benefits as well. It is also accessible through various smart devices. Players do not lose their charm even if played for an extended duration. It is crucial to understand the tactics and practical skills before playing. 

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