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Which is more Fun to Play: Pool Rummy or Points Rummy?

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In India, occasions are held every other day where playing games with friends or family is an integral part of the culture. Traditionally, all games were played physically, but technology and the internet have revolutionized the classic game. One such entertaining card game is rummy.

There are different genres of rummy- Pool Rummy and Points Rummy. It is full of innovative features that lure gamers with exciting cash prizes. The website is centrally designed to ensure that millions of players trust it.

Online gaming domains nowadays are taken over by rummy which requires specific skills to win. It is legally passed by the Supreme Court of India and involves real currency. It is popularly known as a multiplayer game, and many people play it with passion.

Which Online Gaming is Better – Pool Rummy or Points Rummy?

Know the difference between Pool Rummy and Points Rummy-

Pool Rummy

It is one of the variants of rummy where the entry fee is mandatory. Accumulation of the entry fees determines the prize pool. There is a rule of elimination when a player’s score reaches a maximum of 101 points or 201 points.

The player with 0 points will be declared the winner. 13 total cards must be divided into 3 or 4 cards set. The hand proclaimed as a winner must consist of a proper sequence without a joker.

All the competitors have pushed away in the series of the whole game. Generally, there are cards named Ace to Kings, and all four suits are included in 101 Pool Rummy. It is played with one deal only.

  • There must not be any hurry to end the game.
  • Toss determines the arrangements of the game.
  • Members are not allowed to override their emotions like that can lead to regretful decisions.
  • Unfavourable cards must be dropped down immediately to be safe
  • The game ends with one player, and finally, the finish button is clicked
  • Cards are verified, and eliminated players are allowed to join back only if they have desired scores.
  • Bankroll must be checked to avoid draining.

There are two types of Pool Rummy

Two different kinds of Pool Rummy is there-

1. 101 Pool Rummy

1.1. The player gets eliminated from the game when scores reach 101

1.2. The first drop is selected at 20 points and the middle drop at 40 points

1.3. Rejoining is allowed when 79 points are achieved

1.4. One deck is allowed for a table of 2 players

2. 202 Pool Rummy

2.1. Players get eliminated when the points reach 201

2.2. The first drop is at 25 points and the middle drop at 50 points

2.3. Rejoining is allowed when 174 points are achieved

2.4. Decks are there for a table of 6 players

Points Rummy

Points rummy is a popularly accepted variant out of 13 cards Online Rummy-Games. It has several advantages over pool rummy. More than one 1 deal is chosen due to being less time-consuming. It has a unique feature of simplicity. It involves 13 cards of 4 suits and one joker.

From numerous options, available players can select a combination of their choice and start the game. The decision regarding the investment must be made within 20 seconds. Each player gets a random card after shuffling. Players will become invisible if they drop due to unfavourable cards.

  1. On the table of 2 and 6 players, the game continues until one player is left.
  2. Opponents should not get a chance.
  3. Rearrangements of the cards must be done within 30 seconds
  4. It requires analytical thinking
  5. Maintenance of a low score is required even if you drop the game.



Rummy games have paved the way for spending leisure time on every occasion at home. It is an amalgamation of fun, entertainment, and gaming skills that attract consumers with big prizes and bonuses. 

Whether it is 3 am or 7 pm in the online gaming is just a click away. Online players are available 24×7 on the website. It also has an amusing feature of offline practice so that novice players can ace their gaming skills and learn more about auto investment and betting before real cash tournaments. The gaming cultures are changing every day through different variations. 

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