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How Online Rummy Games are Better than Other Mobile Games?

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Internet gaming is on an ascent in India,  over the past few years, we have noticed an increase in mobile and internet users. This generation has seen the shift from offline to online.

One can not find a proper guide to differentiate between the innumerable games available online, as each one of them is curated in a way to grasp and retain audience attention.

No matter what, people always turn back to traditional playing modes, but Rummy online has turned the tables and worked heavily in favor of the online mobile games

Why Online Rummy Games are Better?

Following points will prove why online rummy games are better-

1. Rummy as a Classic game

1.1. Online Rummy

People of all ages have been playing this game, usually at family functions/gatherings.

  • Therefore, when the game went online, Indians encountered the same energy for rummy when they started playing it on their smartphones.
  • Online Rummy started years ago, yet it is pushing ahead of time.

1.1. Mobile Games

It was back in the 90s when people got familiar with mobile games.

  • But every invented game gets hushed and replaced with a newer game, and it happens from time to time.
  • Therefore, the online games that are played these days are comparatively replaceable and gives an undue advantage to Rummy as it has been constantly played throughout the generations But here, it provides an upper hand as the issues and bugs are constantly corrected.
  1. Acceptance for the game?

2.1. Online Rummy

Online Rummy  games is the most acceptable and worthwhile game played in India and across the globe.

  • It is mainly played around festive times due to the presence of family members and friends
  • People tend to stick to card games during the festive season as more or less it has become a tradition, although the newer generation likes to play various mobile games, when the occasion demands for it, the entire family solely plays rummy together.

2.2. Mobile Games

Mobile games are usually deemed as violent and quite often detested by parents because of the kind of content and message it showcases.

  • You tend to hear things like the game is too violent and does not nourish the mind or challenge it either. Mobile games might have their own vibe, but certainly will gain you ‘the look’ from your parent and if you’re unlucky enough, a good 3666earful.
  1. Games and Rewards

3.1. Online Rummy

Interestingly, when you play online rummy on RummyHall, it provides you with the opportunity to win grand prizes.

  • Winning bonuses is one aspect that attracts people to play rummy online but winning actual monetary awards makes it rather more interesting and engaging
  • However, learning it isn’t a difficult task if one doesn’t know how to play rummy online. Learn it and come out as a better player to win these prizes.

3.2. Mobile Games

Nonetheless, today every game provides you with rewards or things that let you unlock new levels, skins, weapons to enhance your gameplay.

  • But again the drawback is there are no cash prizes.
  1. Lack of Players

4.1. Online Rummy

Irrespective of the time and the variation you pick, there’s always a player at the table. There are approximately 10 million players who choose this platform to play rummy.

  • It is the most advantageous factor to play rummy online as you just need to log in and begin playing.
  • You don’t have to look around or keep waiting for the players

4.2. Mobile Games

  • Though you have downloaded the game, you might have to wait for a trustworthy player or urge your fellow mates to play with and given the fact that most of these games are team games, your winning and loss become a team effort which may lead to disasters
  1. Capriciousness of the Game

5.1. Online Rummy

People usually doubt that online card games have predictability when cards are dealt with. And what we don’t comprehend creates doubt.

  • But if you look into the mechanism and structure of the game, Random Number Generator is the factor on which rummy cards are dealt.
  • Therefore, online rummy games are better as they are not predictable, making them exciting and invigorating.

5.2. Mobile Games

There are various mobile games, but there are limited things to anticipate if you are playing sliding titles, and it is all tied to finishing levels.

  • Whereas action games are unpredictable. Although the mission in such games is clear, yet how you achieve the mission is erratic.



Any game application which comes new for the phone has an immense amount of craze for a short period but eventually fades away, and people move back to the old modes of games.

But with online Rummy, this pattern hasn’t been observed yet. Their online community is expanding with each passing day. So, in the race of online Rummy vs other mobile games, online Rummy has aced the market.

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