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King and Queen Cards

Kings and Queens: How to use them in a Rummy Card Game?

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Rummy is one of the most entertaining card games of all time. It is a perfect mixture of fun, excitement, and challenge. To be successful at a rummy card game, you need to keep practicing and have an equally present mind.

Like in most card games, the function of each card varies in rummy gameplay. This equally applies to the face cards of the King and the Queen. Having a good knowledge of the game will help you beat your competitors and enjoy the process holistically.

So, it is crucial to familiarize yourself with the features and uses of the King and the Queen cards.

What is the Rummy Game?

The Supreme Court of India has recognized Rummy as a “skill-based game.” The goal of the rummy gameplay is to form sets and sequences by discarding cards one by one.

To win the game, you need to make at least two sequences, out of which one needs to be a pure sequence, and the rest can be any hybrid sets or sequences.

Rummy does not depend on sheer luck or chance, you must rely solely on your expertise to win the game. Even though the game rules are simple, it requires constant practice to master the rummy card game. Hence, we have provided a set of tips to use the King and the Queen to your advantage.

What are the King and Queen Cards?

The King, the Queen, and the Jack comprise the face cards. The King card is the highest-ranking card in most decks. The picture of a male ruler generally depicts it.

It was common practice to name the King’s cards after rulers of France in the 15th century. They were given titles such as Caesar, Charles, Alexandre, and David. The Spaniards introduced the standing King as opposed to the older seated version.

The Queen card follows the King card in order of importance. A female sovereign differentiates it. There might also be slight differences on the card, depending on your location.

For instance, in the Persian deck, every queen is named after a mythological or biblical character. Or in the European context, a queen is called a ‘dame’ because the words king and queen are phonetically similar.

How to Use the King and Queen Cards?

Follow these steps and use king & queen cards in rummy:

1. Meld the King and the Queen

According to rummy game rules, the King and the Queen cards hold a value of 10 points each. Since they are high-value cards, the player must make sure to meld them right away. A winning sequence consists of a King, Queen, and a Jack or an Ace.

2. Dispose of the King and the Queen

The player must focus on forming a pure sequence. If it is not possible to meld the King and the Queen cards, the player must dispose of them as soon as possible.

This is because high esteem will yield higher penalty points. Trying to discard the King and the Queen at the last minute will also create a disadvantage for you .

3. Form Sequences

You can only form sequences of Kings and Queens if you have a pure sequence or a hybrid sequence. A jack or an ace can complete the sequence if the player has a King or a Queen. If that isn’t possible, the player will more likely lose points rather than gain them.

4. Adapt Quickly

The rummy card game requires quick thinking. You need to give the game your complete focus. If you haven’t melded the King and Queen cards, holding on to them isn’t worth the risk. It’s better to abandon the high-stakes cards of King and Queen before the end of the game.

In this way, you’re not in a rush towards the end of the game and can easily make a rummy declaration.



Rummy is a rewarding game that will sharpen your mental game and keep you on the edge of your seat. It is a great game to keep your mind engaged. In addition, it will enhance the quality of time spent with your friends and family.

Learning and mastering rummy is an invaluable experience one should not miss out on. So hurry up and download the rummy app today!