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How we rely on our Artificial Intelligence to ensure Rummy Hall is Safe and Secure

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Artificial Intelligence, something we have only seen in a classic science-fiction movie or read in books. The whole concept seemed futuristic albeit a little mysterious and weird (No, only us?). But thanks to the progressive thinking and demand of something new from the millennial generation, AI is no more a concept of the future but something we are experiencing on an everyday basis.

Be it Elon Musk’s Tesla cruising away on the lane beside yours with the driver having the time of his life, relaxing or simply asking Siri to play your favorite song, or even a round disk-like robot cleaning your home, AI is embedded so deeply in our lives that we can’t imagine a life without it.

Now it comes with no surprise that AI is taking the online gaming industry by storm. With the number of gaming enthusiasts increasing by the day, many gaming companies are turning towards technologies like AI, Augment Reality, Virtual Reality to enhance the experience of the gamers.

But how is AI related to rummy?

To understand this let’s first know, about playing rummy online.

Online Rummy- The Game of the Millennials

With the growth of mobile users in India, online gaming is slowly but surely gaining traction. And with rummy being a game loved by one and all, irrespective of the age, its online market is also growing swiftly. Presently there are over 300 million rummy players in India and the industry is worth rupees 400 crores.

Playing rummy online has numerous advantages, you can play it anywhere and any time you want, and all you need is a mobile device. While the growth of online rummy is not going to stop any time soon, they are many issues that are being faced by the players, and connectivity issue being the biggest one.

This is where AI comes into play and is helping the player have the best ever experience.

AI is Changing the Way You Experience Online Rummy on Rummy Hall

Artificial Intelligence is making games more real and authentic. It is providing a more interactive experience for gamers. In the gaming world, AI is merely designed to be responsive instead of making any major decisions.

In Rummy Hall, Artificial Intelligence makes sure all the games are secured and you have the best experience in every game. It makes sure you don’t lose a game or drop a game when you lose connectivity. It helps you stay in the game by melding your cards

More specifically, AI in Rummy Hall becomes active when:

1. When you lose connection and your co-player makes a valid show, AI will meld your cards like forming a sequence, etc.

2. If you declare the game, then get disconnected, again AI will meld your cards if you don’t meld it within the time given.

3. If more than one player gets disconnected during the game, then AI will meld all their cards, making it a valid game.

It is important to note that a game with AI in it will have a badge displayed in the result window.

Currently, in the gaming sector, AI has predefined rules (algorithms) that cannot be altered by the player and is only used to aid the player. But in the future, game developers are looking to fully integrate AI into a game by using it as the base framework.

About Rummy Hall

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